2019-2020 Faculty of Architecture Events
Travel and Research Awards Thom Fougere Shawn Bailey Grad School Info Session
12PM, November 19, 2019
Food for Thought

Travel/Research Awards
6PM, November 21, 2019
Emerging Alumni Lectureship

Thom Fougere
12PM, November 26, 2019
Food for Thought

Shawn Bailey & Roxanne Greene
12PM, November 28, 2019
Food for Thought

Grad School Information Session
Undergraduate Research Award Chris Grosset Designing Pathways Warming Huts
12PM, January 9, 2020
Food for Thought

Undergraduate Research Award
6PM, January 16, 2020
Faculty of Architecture Distinguished Lecture

Chris Grosset
12PM, January 17, 2020
Food for Thought
Designing Pathways
12PM, January 23, 2020
Food for Thought

Warming Huts 2020
Canadian Modern Architecture Atmosphere Next School CAFE Year End Exhibition
12PM, February 3, 2020
Food for Thought

Canadian Modern Architecture
February 6 - 8, 2020
Next School

Atmosphere Symposium 12
February 28, 2020
Special One-Day Event

Canadian Architecture Forums on
6:40 PM, April 24, 2019
Opening Night
Year End Exhibition

Past Events      
Grad Student Orientation Owen Toews Flash Fest by MALA Co-op Info Session
3:30PM, September 3, 2019
Grad Student Orientation
12PM, September 19, 2019
Food for Thought
Owen Toews
12PM, September 26, 2019
Food for Thought
Flash Fest x MALA
12PM, October 3, 2019
Food for Thought
Co-op Info Session
Lindsay Mamchur and Hanna Hendrickson-Rebizant Heidi Painchaud MA+HG Architects Dialog
12PM, October 8, 2019
Food for Thought
Lindsay Mamchur & Hanna Hendrickson-Rebizant
 2:30 PM, October 16, 2019
Victoria Inn, 1808 Wellington Ave.
Dale Henwood Lecture

Heidi Painchaud
 12PM, October 17, 2019
Food for Thought

MA+HG Architects Inc.
12PM, October 29, 2019
Food for Thought

Study Abroad      
12PM, October 31, 2019
Food for Thought
Study Abroad Info Session