Student Services
The Student Services Team is here to:

Connect with when you have specific questions, as well as when you need someone to talk to about your options.

Provide information about programs, courses, in the undergraduate and graduate programs as well as all their entrance requirements.

Provide feedback on your course selection and assist with the registration process

Assist in referring you to various other student services, academic supports, university resources and community organizations when needed.


Student Services Team Roles  Responsibilities
Student Services Administrator
Donna Mammott Image
Donna Mamott

201 John A. Russell Building
t 204-474-6578

        Front Line Inquiries
    • General information on programs
    • Admission Inquiries (Masters Programs)

Graduate Studies Forms
    • Proposals
    • FGS examiner’s forms
    • Progress Report
    • Evaluation Forms (Dept. Arch)

Presentation Bookings

Collection and Return of Portfolios (ED Option and Admissions)

Clear registration restrictions on Approved Electives
Undergraduate Student Advisor
Carrie Johnson Image
Carrie Johnson

201 John A. Russell Building
t 204-474-9566
  Undergraduate Advising (Env. Design & ED AMP)

• Admission Information
• Program Information and Processes

Student Services Coordinator and Graduate Student Advisor
Yvonne Halden Image
Yvonne Halden

201 Russell Building
t 204-474-8769

   Graduate Advising
    • Graduate Programs Information and Processes
    • PhD. Admissions inquiries

Graduate Studies Forms
    • Extension Requests
    • Leave of absence requests

Thesis/Practicum submission protocol

Administrate Admissions
    • Masters (Arch, CP, ID, LA)
    • PhD. (Design and Planning)

Faculty Exchange Co-ordinator