Cooperative Education / Integrated Work Program Option (Co-op/I)
The Faculty of Architecture Cooperative Education/Integrated Work Program Option (Co-op/I) is designed to complement and enrich academic programs with work experience. The work terms provide students with practical experience, assistance in financing their education, and guidance for future career specialization.

The Co-op/I Program is a non-compulsory option. Credits earned through the Co-op/I Program do not exempt students from any degree requirement and are in addition to the degree requirements of each student’s program. Students will typically participate in four-month summer placements only. Eight and twelve-month work term opportunities will be assessed on a case-by-case basis for their impact on the student’s academic program. ED4 students who successfully secure a summer Co-op/I work placement are required to defer their graduation to October.

The submission of a written report and portfolio covering the work completed is required for each professional assignment. Each successfully completed work term and its corresponding report receives a Pass/Fail grade and is rated at one credit hour for undergraduate students (EVDS course) and zero credits for graduate students (ARCG course). Students completing consecutive work terms must complete a separate report for each term. Credit hours earned for participation in Co-op/I will not take the place of other program requirements.

Admittance to the program does not guarantee a job. Work placements are dependent on availability. Employers will make the final decision about job offers. Students are not obliged to accept any offer.


The Co-op program is a great opportunity for the university and the profession to connect. Grounding students with real-world scenarios can be a huge eye-opener and by no means does this diminish the exploration offered through their academic experience. Similarly, it’s a great opportunity for practitioners to be reminded about where they came from and that architecture is most fruitful when ideas and exploration are integral to the practice.
                                                       — Glen Gross, Architect at 1x1 Architecture Inc.
The Co-op program has given me the opportunity to build relationships with architects and designers outside of Winnipeg. Being a member of Stantec in Edmonton this summer has been essential to my education and has changed the way I approach design. The range of work and scale of projects they have offered me as a Co-op student has been exciting and beneficial to me, especially as I approach my thesis year.
                                                           — Katelynn Schutz, Graduate Architecture Student
                                                          Stantec Architecture Ltd., Edmonton


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