History Honours Program

The Honours Program is designed for students with a special interest in or commitment to the study of History.


Two programs are available:

Double Honours (where specialized work in history is integrated with specialized work in another closely related field)
Single Honours
In both instances the student's program must be worked out in consultation with the Chair of the History Honours Committee.

For information on the Honours Program requirements, see the Arts Section of the Online Undergraduate Calendar

To enter an Honours program in History, a student must hold 6 hours of credit in each of four different subject fields. In addition, a grade point average of 3.0 (B) or better is required in the course(s) in the intended Honours subject field(s), with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 in all courses acceptable for credit in Arts.

Students may enter the Honours program in the third year provided they have met the above requirements as well as the course requirements for Years I and II. Thereafter a 3.0 grade point average, with minimum grades of B in all History courses, must be maintained.

Honours students must choose from a minimum of three different areas of historical study. They should try to anticipate their future interests when selecting 2000-level courses in Year II.

Students entering the Honours program are strongly encouraged to take a second language, especially if they are thinking of going on to graduate studies in History.

The Single Honours program for Years III and IV includes, in addition to 18 credit-hours of History courses each year, an ancillary, 6 credit-hour course each year from a department outside History. History 4400 or 4580 is recommended in Year IV for students intending to do graduate work.

Students contemplating Honours are advised that should they opt for a general degree at the conclusion of Year III, they must satisfy all of the normal requirements for such a degree.  This includes the Major/Minor stipulation, humanities/social science/science requirement, written English and Mathematics requirement, and the customary 90 credit-hours program.