Five Year Strategic Plan

Mission Vision Goals

The Department of Native Studies develops, delivers, and follows a five-year strategic plan. Beginning in 2015, the department follows four primary – and interconnected – paths to fulfill its vision for the field of Native/Indigenous Studies. They are:

1.    The Creation of Knowledge
The Department of Native Studies at the University of Manitoba produces and disseminates outstanding scholarship, which reflects upon the historical and contemporary position of Indigenous peoples, promotes interdisciplinary research and creative pedagogies, and challenges existing paradigms in the field. We achieve this through:

  • promoting on-going, scholarly, and refereed research;
  • expanding/developing Native Studies through ethical/dynamic research;
  • developing and delivering an outstanding graduate program that expands, challenges, and builds on the field of Native Studies;
  • encouraging publication of research results in peer-reviewed, respected, and accessible spaces.

2.    Honouring Community
The Department of Native Studies at the University of Manitoba has very close ties with the communities it serves and is committed to building bridges, engaging meaningfully, and supporting the work of the communities with which it interacts. We achieve this through:

  • delivering courses and research projects with and in Indigenous communities;
  • consulting with Indigenous communities on student, research, and service needs;
  • delivering projects and programs that service Indigenous communities;
  • sponsoring/enrichening events/work performed with/in Indigenous communities.

3.    Excellence in Teaching
The Department of Native Studies at the University of Manitoba recognizes the potential of all students and offers them opportunities to learn about Indigenous peoples by instructing and mentoring critical thinking, research, writing and interpretive skills in undergraduate and graduate courses. We achieve this through:

  • delivering courses that develop oral and written research and presentation skills for both undergraduate and graduate students;
  • utilizing the most current and pertinent work in the field of Native Studies;
  • mentoring undergraduate and graduate students;
  • demonstrating, examining, and recognizing the use of both Indigenous and non-Indigenous perspectives in teaching.

4.    Looking to the Future
The Department of Native Studies at the University of Manitoba is committed to building a rich and dynamic future that incorporates Indigenous scholarship, worldviews, and perspectives both inside and outside of the University of Manitoba. We achieve this through:

  • dedication to ongoing professional, institutional, and intellectual growth;
  • incorporation of outstanding Indigenous intellectuals, knowledge-keepers, colleagues, and non-Indigenous allies;
  • the continual creation of long-term strategic plans;
  • ongoing examination of our strategic plan.