About the Ethics Centre

The Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics is located in the heart of the Fort Garry campus in University College at the University of Manitoba.

Historical Background

Although the history of medical ethics goes back to classical Greece and the Hippocratic tradition, the discipline of Applied Ethics has come to prominence as a field of study only in the last fifty years or so. The catalyst for this “ethics boom” has, doubtless, been the explosive development of modern technologies; in particular, the growth and expansion of bio-medical technologies.

Within the field of biomedicine much public concern and debate has centred on such issues as organ transplantation, the definition of death, stem cell cloning and genetic testing and genetic engineering. Moreover, recent advances in science and technology have also raised questions of profound importance concerning, for example, law and the environment, modern industrial agriculture, policing and punishment, business and professional ethics, individual privacy and the internet.

Whether in biomedicine, business or the environment, the questions raised by both scholars and ordinary citizens have frequently been ethical questions: about right and wrong, justice and injustice, fair distribution of benefits and burdens. Answers to these questions have serious implications for how we live our lives, as individual citizens, as members of this or that particular community, and as human beings who share many common aspirations and fears.

The University of Manitoba’s Centre for Professional and Applied Ethics is not committed, nor are the Centre’s Associates, to any one answer or set of answers to the troubling questions raised by modern technological society; but we are firmly committed to the full, fair, and free discussion of every issue and to the advancement of knowledge in this vital area of human endeavour.


Members of the Centre's Advisory Board

Arthur Schafer, Department of Philosophy and Director
Sarah Hannan, Department of Political Studies and Associate Director for Political Philosophy and Applied Ethics.
Steven Lecce, Department of Politics and Associate Director for Politics and Law
Neil McArthur, Department of Philosophy and Associate Director for Applied Ethics and Social Justice

Brenda Austin-Smith, Department of English
David Churchill, Department of History and Director, Institute for the Humanities
Dimitrios Dentsoras, Department of Philosophy
Julie Guard, Economics and Labour Studies
Carl Matheson, Head, Department of Philosophy
Dana Medoro, Department of English
Debra Parkes, Faculty of Law
Debora Poff, President, Brandon University
George Webster, Clinical Ethics Service, St. Boniface General Hospital

Associates of the Centre

David Alper, Faculty of Social Work, College du St. Boniface
Shawn Bugden, Faculty of Pharmacy
Benita Cohen, Faculty of Nursing
David Churchill, Department of History
Jerome Cranston, Education Admin Fdns and Psych
Peter Denton, Red River Community College
Esa Diaz-Leon, Department of Philosophy
Bruno Dyck, Faculty of Management
Barry Ferguson, Department of History
Michelle Gallant, Faculty of Law
Tami Jacoby, Department of Political Studies
Joyce Jenkins, Department of Philosophy
Sarah Hannan, Department of Political Studies
Kirsten Kramar, Department of Sociology, University of Winnipeg
Lisa Landrum, Architeture
Orly Linovski, Faculty of Engineering
Irwin Lipnowski, Department of Economics
Steven Lecce, Department of Political Studies
Fiona Macdonald, Department of Political Studies
Carl Matheson, Department of Philosophy
Simone Mahrenholz, Department of Film and Department of Philosophy
Neil McArthur, Department of Philosophy
Dana Medoro, Department of English
Adam Muller, Department of English
Emily Muller, LifeWise Philosophical Counselling
Margaret Ogrodnick, Department of Political Studies
Debra Parkes, Faculty of Law
Natalie Piquemal, Faculty of Education
Deborah Poff, President, Brandon University
Louise Renee, Department of French, Spanish and Italian
Kerstin Roger, Faculty of Human Ecology
Carla Shapiro, Faculty of Nursing
Rob Shaver, Department of Philosophy
Sarah Teetzel, Faculty of Kinesiology and Recreation Management
Sandra Tomsons, Department of Philosophy, University of Winnipeg
Wayne Taylor, Department of Sociology
George Webster, Clinical Ethics Consulting Service, St. Boniface Hospital