Philosophical Friday Speaker Series

http://aardvark.ucsd.eduHere is our current colloquium schedule for the academic year:

Fall Term:

September 16th - Neil McArthur, University of Manitoba
October 14th - David Davies, McGill University
October 21st - Brian Glenney, Norwich University
November 4th - John Danaher, National University of Ireland
November 25th - Neil Sinhababu, University of Singapore
December 2nd -Luke Roelofs, Australian National University

November 18-19, "Metaphysics of Propositions Workshop". Keynotes are Ben Caplan (Ohio), Peter Hanks(Minneapolis), and Eileen Nutting (Kansas).

Winter Term:
January 13th - Jonathan Cohen, University of California, San Diego
February 17th -Eve Rabinoff, University of Minnesota, Duluth
March 3rd - Andrew Cortens, Boise State University

Please check out our events calendar for times and locations.