Program Background

How the IEEQ Program fits into Engineers Geoscientists
Manitoba's Registration Process:

There are two major qualifications to become registered as a Professional Engineer (P.Eng.) in Manitoba:

  • Academic qualification
  • Acceptable engineering work experience: a minimum of 4 years of acceptable work experience, of which at least one year must be in Canada.

For internationally-educated engineers, the process toward P.Eng. registration with the Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba begins by meeting its requirements for academic qualification. Newcomers with international degrees undergo an Assessment of Academic Credentials with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba.

Often, the applicant is assigned Confirmatory Exams in order to be considered academically qualified.  Confirmatory examinations are assigned when Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba is of the opinion that the applicant is close to being academically qualified. Confirmatory examinations are professional-level examinations, covering material typically studied in the final two years of a baccalaureate program.

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba often offers the applicant multiple options to meet the Confirmatory Exam requirements.  These include:

  • Writing Confirmatory Exams as administered by Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba;
  • For some applicants, applying for a panel interview to waive some or all Confirmatory Exams;
  • Completing the American Fundamentals of Engineering (FE) Exam in lieu of Confirmatory Exams;
  • Completing courses in lieu at the University of Manitoba instead of Confirmatory Exams;
  • Completing a M.Sc., M.Eng., or Ph.D. in Engineering at a CEAB accredited institution; 
  • Completing the IEEQ Program in lieu of Confirmatory Exams. 

At the successful completion of the IEEQ Program, participants will be recognized by Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba as having met the requirements for academic qualification, will be eligible for Engineering Intern registration, and will be invited to continue the process with Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba toward the P.Eng. registration.

The IEEQ Program offers internationally-educated engineers a time-effective alternative to Confirmatory Exams, a supportive & collegial environment, and professional work experience that introduces the participant to a professional network.