Benefits for Industry & Employers

Through the Faculty of Engineering Co-op / IIP Program, IEEQ Program Participants are available for co-op employment.

Through co-op work experience, internationally-educated engineers are matched to industry needs and gain Canadian engineering employment experience in which they can demonstrate their engineering skills and knowledge and in which they can begin to develop a network with engineering colleagues in their area of expertise.

Benefits for Employers

  • A source of experienced engineering professionals with completed engineering degrees and professional experience from their home countries.  The Assessment of Academic Credentials by Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba  (done prior to admission into the IEEQ Program) confirms the overall integrity of their original engineering degree.
  • A licensing pathway for foreign-trained engineers, recognized by Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba as leading to Engineering Intern registration at the completion of the IEEQ Program and to the P.Eng. license in as little as one year subsequent to completion of the IEEQ Program.
  • IEEQ Program participants engage in intensive learning of the business practices, professional culture, and professional engineering ethics in Canada. 
  • Participants’ studies in the IEEQ Program provide an independent confirmation of their technical qualifications and knowledge.
  • Participants’ studies in the IEEQ Program immerse them in English technical vocabulary in their field and Canadian codes and standards in their discipline.
  • The co-op employment term gives employers an excellent opportunity to assess the participants’ potential fit for long-term employment. 
  • Employers may be able to access wage subsidy programs available though the Government of Manitoba and the Manitoba Co-op Tax Credit Program.  

To find out more about Engineering Coop / IIP, contact Coop IIP Staff or IEEQ Staff.