This program is offered to Permanent Residents and Canadian Citizens only. 

Priority is given to residents of Manitoba. 

Academic Assessment:  In order to be eligible for the IEEQ Program, you must have had an Assessment of Academic Credentials by Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba, and 

  • The result of your assessment included the requirement for Confirmatory Examinations, and,
  • The number of required exams was five or fewer (not including Engineering Economics).

For information on an Assessment of Academic Credentials by Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba, contact:

Telephone: 204-474-2736
Toll-Free: 1-866-227-9600
Fax: 204-474-5960
Email: info@EngGeoMB.ca
Website: http://www.enggeomb.ca/

Language Proficiency:  You must also demonstrate profiency in the English language. 

  • If you have a CLB Placement Test, your scores must include at minimum three benchmarks of eight (8) and no more than one benchmark of seven (7) in the four language areas (for example, 8/8/8/7 or some similar combination) to be eligible for the IEEQ Program. Scores must be valid as of the start of the year in which you intend to apply.  
  • For other test types and minimum requirements, refer to the University of Manitoba's English Language Proficiency Requirements  

Other Notes:  An application to the IEEQ Program which meets the eligibility requirements does not guarantee acceptance to the program.  In the situation where there are more eligible applicants than there are available spots, a waiting list will be maintained.