Deferred Exams


Winter Deferred Exam Dates: May 13-17th, 2019


Deferred exams may be granted to a student who is unable to write a final exam on the official posted date for medical, compassionate, or other case-by-case reasons. The application for deferred exam must be accompanied by specific supporting documentation that confirms incapacity on the exam date or dates.


  1. The *deferred exam application form must be completed, printed, signed, and brought in person – along with all supporting documentation – to the Engineering Student Affairs Office (E1-284 EITC, ATTN: Vicky Smith) within 48 hours of the missed exam. If more than one exam is missed, the deferral application must be submitted within 48 hours of the last exam missed.
    IMPORTANT: Deferrals are not granted in advance of the exam or if submitted more than 48 hours after the missed exam. Exceptional situations may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Supporting document must satisfy all of the criteria below. Documentation must:
    • Come from official sources only. Such documents may include medical certificates, police reports, counselling/treatment letter, obituary, death certificate, or legal documents.
    • Be obtained on the actual date of the missed exam. If more than one exam is missed, dates on the documentation must cover the dates of all missed exams.
    • Specify the reasons that the exam was missed on the date(s) noted. A student who misses one exam and writes another exam on the same day must obtain detailed documentation that explains/confirms inability to write one and not the other.
    • Be an original; copies of the document will not be accepted. If the original is needed for other purposes, it must be presented to a Faculty of Engineering staff member who will then make and retain a copy.

    IMPORTANT: All documentation is subject to confirmation. Falsification or fabrication of documentation will result in academic suspension for disciplinary reasons. Other legal penalties may also apply.
  3. The student will be notified via email (U of M student email address only) of the application decision within 48 business hours of submission. If the request for a deferred exam is approved, this notification will include the date and time for the deferred exam sitting if the exam is for a course taught by the Faculty of Engineering. If the course is taught by another faculty (such as the Faculty of Science), that faculty will be notified by Engineering Student Affairs of the deferred exam request approval; it will then be the student’s responsibility to contact the specific department in question as soon as possible to establish the correct date and time for the deferred exam.
    IMPORTANT: It is the student’s responsibility to attend the deferred exam sitting according to the information received via notification. Students who fail to do so will receive a failing grade in the course and will not be granted a re-deferral.


  • Deferrals must be processed in person by the student. If this is absolutely impossible (such as in the case of a medical emergency), another individual may be authorized to deliver the application and documentation on the student’s behalf.
  • Re-deferrals (deferring a scheduled deferred exam) will only be considered in extremely exceptional circumstances on a case-by-case basis by the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs). If approved, the re-deferral will be scheduled for the next regular sitting of the final exam for the course in question (could be up to a year from the date of the original-scheduled exam). Please note that a request for a re-deferral may result in the student being denied registration in the current or a future term until all outstanding examination obligations have been completed.
  • Requests to write a deferred exam after the originally-scheduled exam has already been written will be denied.
  • Students who have been granted deferred exams in two consecutive terms or three non-consecutive terms previously at the University of Manitoba will have their application reviewed by the Associate Dean (Undergraduate Programs). Approval of the deferred exam request will be at the discretion of the Associate Dean.
  • Students who have received a failing grade as the result of missing a deferred exam and feel that the circumstances surrounding this situation warrant special consideration may submit a letter of appeal to the Faculty of Engineering Standing and Appeals Committee.


Last Updated: October 24, 2018