Distinguished Dissertation Award Recipients

Dr. Jean L. Polfus
PhD in Natural Resources and Environment Management for “An Interdisciplinary Approach to Describing Biological Diversity

Dr. Camille Partin
PhD in Geological Sciences for “On the evolution of atmosphere-ocean oxygenation and plate tectonic process as recorded in Paleoproterozoic sedimentary basins

Dr. Aaron Lussier
PhD in Geological Sciences for “Zonation in Tourmaline from Granitic Pegmatites & The Occurrence of Tetrahedrally coordinated Aluminum and Boron in Tourmaline

Dr. Monika Pućko
PhD in Geography for “The Effect of Atmosphere-Snow-Ice-Ocean Coupling on Hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) Pathways Within the Arctic Marine Environment

Dr. Ian Mauro
PhD in Geography for “Riding the risk wave: farmer knowledge and experience with GM crops in the Canadian prairies

Dr. CJ Mundy
PhD in Geography for “Scale Dependent Forcing on Ice Algae Dynamics: Observations and Modelling

Dr. Gregory McCullough
PhD in Geography for “Circulation of Terrestrial Runoff and its Suspended Load in a Large Tropical Lake: A study of Processes and Effects Near the Mouth of the Linthipe River in Lake Malawi

Dr. Melissa Marschke
PhD in Natural Resources and Environmental Management for “Livelihood in context: learning with Cambodian fishers

Dr. Iain Davidson-Hunt
PhD in Natural Resources and Environmental Management for “Journeys, plants and dreams : adaptive learning and social-ecological resilience