Jeffrey Masuda, PhD

CIHR New Investigator and Associate Professor
Department of Environment and Geography
237 St John's College
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3T 2N2
Tel: (204) 960-9729
Fax: (204) 474-7699


PhD (Human Geography)
MSc (Health Promotion Studies) University of Alberta
Postdoctoral Fellow McMaster, UBC, University of Toronto


Research Interests

I subscribe to the sub-discipline of health geography, drawing on critical theory, mixed methods, and community based participatory research approaches to investigate the systemic roots of social and environmental injustice. My scholarly contributions include insights into arts-based methodologies, neighbourhood level health inequities, environmental governance; knowledge translation, systematic review, and social theory in geography.

My past research has examined environmental health promotion, citizen engagement in regional environmental governance, risk communication, rural geography, knowledge translation in chronic disease prevention, and urban environmental injustice. My current projects focus on equity focused knowledge translation, human rights and place, and First Nations community health (see links to the right). I also collaborate on projects and initiatives with scholars, policymakers, and community advocates across Canada and internationally.

I supervise students who are interested in gaining research skills in the areas of urban justice, human rights, health inequities, food sovereignty, environmental governance, and citizen engagement. In a broader context, I accept students who are interested in participating in research projects that take an integrated, transdisciplinary approach to the theorization, empirical analysis, and praxis of environmental rights and justice in the Canadian context.

I am founding Director of the Centre for Environmental Health Equity (



Dr. Masuda is not actively seeking Graduate Students at this time. 

Exceptions will be considered on a case-by-case basis for students with excellent  track records and compelling arguments for potential thesis research topics that align with Dr. Masuda's interest and expertise.

Interested candidates should forward a curriculum vitae and a one-page statement of interest that outlines the proposed research topic.              


  • Director, Centre for Environmental Health Equity
  • Institute Advisory Board Member, CIHR Institute of Population and Public Health
  • Allergen Investigator, Allergen NCE


Other Interests

I grew up near Edmonton, Alberta and have lived in five Canadian provinces over the past ten years. I am an avid whitewater paddler and can be spotted whenever the opportunity arises on rivers in BC, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, California, Washington State, and now Manitoba.


Selected Publications

  • Masuda, J.R., Anderson, S. Letourneau, N., Sloan Morgan, V., & Stewart, M. Reconciling preferences and constraints in online peer support for youth with Asthma and Allergies. Accepted September 2012 to Health Promotion Practice.
  • Masuda, J.R., Teelucksingh, C., Haber, R., Skinner, E., Zupancic, T., Crabtree, A., Poland, B., Frankish, J., & Fridell, M. (Online First, April 2012) Out of our inner city backyards: Re-scaling urban health inequity assessment. Social Science and Medicine.
  • Masuda, J.R., Robinson, K., Elliott, S.J., & Eyles, J. (2012). Health promotion and the politics of scale in Canadian health reform. Update: Social Work in Public Health, 27, 7.
  • Andrews, G.J, Evans, J., Dunn, J., & Masuda, J.R. (2012). Arguments in health geography: On sub-disciplinary progress, observation, translation. Geography Compass, 6(6), 351-383.
  • Masuda, J.R., Creighton, G., Nixon, S., & Frankish, C.J. (2011). Building capacity for community-based, participatory research for health disparities in Canada. Health Promotion Practice, 12, 280-292.
  • Masuda, J.R., Poland, B., & Baxter, J. (2010). Reaching for environmental health justice through health promotion. Health Promotion International, 25(4), 453-463.
  • Masuda, J.R., & Crabtree, A. (2010). Environmental justice in the therapeutic inner city. Health and Place, 16, 656-665.
  • Masuda, J.R., Robinson, K., Elliott, S.J., & Eyles, J. (2009). Disseminating chronic Disease Prevention ‘to or with’ Canadian Public Health Systems. Health Education and Behavior, 36(6), 1026-1050.
  • Masuda, J.R., McGee, T., & Garvin, T.D. (2008). Power, knowledge, and citizenship in public engagement: The case of Alberta’s industrial heartland. Journal of Environmental Policy and Planning, 10(4), 359-380.
  • Masuda, J.R., Zupancic, T., Poland, B., & Cole, D. (2008). Environmental health and vulnerable populations in Canada: Mapping an integrated equity-focused research agenda. The Canadian Geographer, 54(4), 427-450.
  • Masuda, J.R., & Garvin, T.D. (2008). Whose heartland? The politics of place in a rural-urban interface. The Journal of Rural Studies, 24, 112-123.
  • Masuda, J.R., & Garvin, T.D. (2006). Place, culture, and the social amplification of risk. Risk Analysis, 26(2), 437-454.