Outreach is the engagement of our Faculty with external communities and constituencies that relates to our research, teaching and service. It contributes to the public good by sharing our expertise, resources, and insight and creates linkages that benefit all parties involved. Outreach is an important component of the Clayton H. Riddell Faculty of Environment, Earth and Resources and the work of our faculty, staff, and students. The breadth of our disciplines leads to a variety of outreach interests and diverse, potential opportunities to participate in local, national, and international activities.

In addition, we also aim to assist others in their interests in the Earth, its environment and its resources especially with regard to improve understanding, to develop educational initiatives, and to act as a resource for individuals and/or groups. The research undertaken in the Riddell Faculty contributes significantly to outreach in its connectivity to communities, its focus on the nature of the dynamic Earth and its environment, and its responsiveness to societal needs. Teaching also links to our outreach through our active student bodies, their roles as individuals as future leaders and citizens of the Earth, and collectively as educated and informed decision-makers. Numerous international events occur annually which the Riddell Faculty seeks to mark, and therefore contribute to the global perspectives of the Earth and its dynamic systems.