Academic Programs


The following shall be members of the Academic Programs Committee:

  1. dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies (chair, non-voting except to break ties);
  2. associate deans, Faculty of Graduate Studies;
  3. the faculty graduate chairs from the faculties of:
    • Arts;
    • Education;
    • Engineering;
    • Medicine, and
    • Science;
  4. one (1) graduate chair from each of the following groups, (i)-(v) chosen by, and in a manner agreeable to the units listed in each group:
    • Agricultural and Food Sciences, Human Ecology;
    • Law, Asper, Social Work, Université de Saint-Boniface;
    • Dentistry, Nursing, Pharmacy, Kinesiology and Recreation Management, Medical Rehabilitation;
    • Architecture, Marcel A. Desautels, Art, and
    • Clayton H. Riddell, Graduate Studies;
  5. the Director of Libraries;
  6. one (1) graduate student selected by the Graduate Students' Association.

Term of Members

The terms of members of the Academic Programs Committee shall be as follows:

  1. members in category ‘d’ shall have a three (3) year term commencing July 1 of the year of selection; the terms of these members shall be staggered such that one-third of the committee shall be replace/reappointed each year;
  2. the graduate student member shall have a one (1) year commencing July 1 of the year of selection; the graduate student member shall be eligible for reappointment.


  1. The dean (or designate) shall call and preside at all meetings of the Academic Programs Committee;
  2. the Academic Programs Committee shall normally meet monthly, except in July, August, and December;
  3. the quorum shall be fifty percent of the members plus one; and
  4. a staff person appointed by the dean shall be the secretary (non-voting) of the Academic Programs Committee.

Powers and Duties

Subject to the powers and duties of Faculty Council, the Academic Programs Committee shall:

  1. review and comment on statements of intent and/or program proposals;
  2. recommend priority among proposed graduate programs;
  3. seek clarification;
  4. provide the proposal in summary form and recommend approval to Executive Committee; and
  5. consider and recommend to the Executive Committee the introduction, deletion and modification of graduate courses.