"Socioeconomics status plays an important role in treatment outcomes since dental work can be very costly. This is why it is important to engage in community service as it provides an alternative to the individuals who need it most...I believe I can make a difference in the community...it is important to ensure that all patients are respected and receive the most appropriate treatment best suited to their personal needs...this rotation has reinforced my perspective on rural and Northern communities...which is why I have decided to work there..."

– Manjinder Kler, Former Dental student

"The importance of service/outreach programs for underserved populations cannot be overstated.  These programs are vitally important to mission and represent the “front porch” of the College and larger university.  The Centre for Community Oral Health (CCOH), one of the most comprehensive community dental outreach programs in North America, routinely receives exceptional student reviews as a valuable learning experience.  Additionally, CCOH continues to have a positive impact on the quality of life for children, the elderly (especially those that are homebound or residing in long-term care facilities), the indigent, individuals with special needs and indigenous and rural/underserved populations.  CCOH has changed dramatically over the last several years and continues to evolve in order to respond to a changing landscape of needs and stakeholder expectations.  Programs and services are available in clinics throughout Manitoba including Churchill, Deer Lodge, Access Downtown, St. Amant Centre, the Selkirk Mental Health Centre, and Manitoba Developmental Centre as well as the home dental care program.  Many of these programs represent important partnerships with local communities, the WRHA and Manitoba Health."

– Anthony M. Iacopino DMD PhD
Dean, Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry
Executive Director, International Centre for Oral-Systemic Health
Professor, Dental Diagnostic and Surgical Sciences

"I think it is marvelous to have the dental clinic at Deer Lodge Centre where my husband is living. I am pleased with the care my husband receives here. I would not be able to take him to a normal clinic in his condition."

– Delores, Client, Deer Lodge Centre