DMD Program: Prospective Students


Doctor of Dental Medicine (D.M.D.)

The College of Dentistry’s Doctor of Dental Medicine program is a fully accredited four-year program. Following a minimum of two years of prerequisite studies, dental students complete four years of intense study including extensive clinical experience and are granted a D.M.D. degree.

The D.M.D. degree provides the foundation for a variety of career paths, including further training in dental specialties and research. Minimum time to graduation: Six years (University 1 or Faculty of Science and one year, plus four years in the College of Dentistry).

If you are applying for admission to 2017 (Application deadline of January 15, 2017) please note that the College of Dentistry, University of Manitoba will no longer be using the MDT (Manual Dexterity Test) as part of the admission requirements for the DMD program beginning with the 2017 cycle.

For applicants applying for admission to 2016 (Application deadline of January 15, 2016) the MDT (Manual Dexterity Test) will still be required as part of the admission process.