Nil salaried faculty appointments

Nil-salaried faculty members contribute significantly to the academic activities of the Faculty of Medicine in teaching, scholarly activity and/or scholarship (research) and service (academic and/or clinical).  It is an important responsibility of the Faculty of Medicine to recognize this contribution, to provide support and career guidance and to articulate our expectations in each of these domains. 

The Career Development and Performance Feedback policy proposes a biennial performance feedback process for faculty members with nil salaried academic appointments.  The process minimally requires the biennial submission of performance metrics through the “Performance Feedback Report Form” but still recommends occasional face-to-face meetings where possible.  The form is being developed in consultation with nil-salaried faculty members and Department Heads to ensure that it captures performance measures that will assist Departments to provide the resources and guidance necessary to support our nil-salaried staff.  At the same time, we are working to develop a process that is simple and convenient to carry-out.

If you are a nil-salaried faculty member and you have questions or concerns or you would like to be involved in testing the “Performance Feedback Form”, please contact us or provide anonymous feedback here.

Nil-salaried faculty appointments FAQs.