Masters in Education Program
Program Objectives
  • The Masters of Education (M.Ed.) program in Post-secondary studies is designed to prepare students for teaching, leadership, and research roles in a range of post-secondary settings.
  • Reflecting the complex nature of contemporary post-secondary education, the program is designed to develop understanding of the role of culture, organization, and teaching and learning processes in post-secondary education, and to prepare candidates to apply their knowledge effectively in the varied teaching and administrative settings within that sector.
Admission Requirements
  • Four years of full-time university study (or equivalent), including an undergraduate degree from an accredited institution.
  • A minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 in the last 60 credit hours of coursework.
  • Two or more years of appropriate work experience.

Students have the flexibility to choose either the thesis-bases route (minimum18 credit hours plus thesis) or the course-based route (minimum 30 credit hours). The courses available for the M.Ed. program are:

  • 129.540 - Development of Higher Education (3 credit hours)
  • 129.708 - The Principles of Curriculum Organization and Implementation (3 credit hours)
  • 129.709 - Seminar in Administrative Problems in Education (3 credit hours)*
  • 129.745 - Seminar in Post-Secondary Instruction (3 credit hours)*
  • 129.580 - Introduction to Educational Research (3 credit hours).
    (Please note, thesis-based students must take an additional 3 credit hours of research methodology at the 700 level in Education or 300 or above in other faculties.)
  • 129.744 - Seminar in Postsecondary Education
    (Please note, thesis-bases students are not required to take this course)
  • Course-based students are required to take an additional 12 credit hours of elective courses.

*129.709 and 129.745 are offered as dedicated sections focusing on medical education