Manitoba Medical College Foundation

The Manitoba Medical College Foundation(MMCF) has successfully transferred its 60 endowment funds to The Winnipeg Foundation(TWF) for the ongoing stewardship of these funds. These funds support scholarships, bursaries, travel grants and other activities for the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba.

MMCF gratefully acknowledges the generous support that it has received from physicians and other members of the community since 1978. The annual and life membership contributions to MMCF from physicians helped our foundation for many years.

We also acknowledge the assistance and support of TWF in the transfer of our funds. They will continue to administer these funds which will include the annual spending allotment for all funds. Every effort will be made to use this spending allotment each year.

The TWF has organized the submission of all our scholarship and bursary funds for approval to the University of Manitoba Senate to ensure the permanent standing of these funds and their terms of reference.

All 60 of our funds are still very active. Donations to any of them will be accepted by TWF. We encourage you to make donations to any of these funds so that they will continue to grow and help the Faculty of Medicine and its students. You may directly access the list of funds by clicking here.

You may also contact TWF at 204-944-9474 or toll free at 1-877-974-3631 for information about the terms of reference for specific funds and how to contribute to them.

Diane Biehl
MMCF Advisory Committee

November 18, 2013