Electron Microscopy (EM)






Processing & Embedding Tissue for EM 

Fixing tissue that arrives (already grossed) in fixative, sucrose buffer through to embedding in plastic 

Fixative, sucrose buffer, osmium tetroxide, alcohol deydration, propylene oxide, Epon 

1-10 blocks

($7.50 for each additional block)

Sectioning for EM (Use of the Diamond) 

Taking thick and thin sections for EM 

Use of the diamond knife and toluidine blue 

per hour (labour) 
uncoated grids
coated grids

Staining EM Sections 

Staining grids for imaging 

Uranyl acetate, lead nitrate 

$50 per hour(labour) 


Image the slides using the electron microscope and using the selected images at each magnification per grid


per hour (labour) 


Upload, transfer and save it to a CD/Disk 


per Disk

*Grids are nickel and copper
*Coated grids are coated with a formvar supporting film sabilized with carbon

TEM Sample Preparation Guidelines:

For ideal sample processing, tissues must be properly prepared.  Please prepare your tissue as follows (contact Histology Lab staff with any questions):

    Size - Tissue samples should be grossed to a reasonable size before fixation:

  • Grossed tissues into 1 mm cubes.
  • Provide only tissue significant to your research having grossed out any other attached tissue or organs that are not necessary.
  • If you deal with larger specimens, please provide only a biopsy.
  • Cells may be delivered to the histology lab in culture dishes at a pre-arranged meeting time for fixation.

Please fix all tissue or cells in 3% Glutaraldehyde in 0.1 M Sorensen's buffer (this will be provided by the Histology Lab, please make arrangements for fixative pick up in advance of cell harvest or animal sacrifice):

  • Minimum fixation time should be 2 - 3 hours for cells and 3 - 4 hours for tissue.  Times may be altered in special cases.
  • Your tissue sample should be free floating in fixative of at least 10X the volume of the tissue.

Once your samples are in fixative or sucrose, they may be delivered to the Histology Lab at a pre-arranged appointment time with the completed Service Request Form.