FRCPC Residents


Dr. Jonathon Broughton Dr. Jonathon Broughton:

Academic interests: Trauma Care, Trauma Systems
Dr. Anne Finlayson

Dr. Anne Finalyson: 

Academic interests: Quality Improvement & Patient Safety,  Indigenous Health, Critical Care


Dr. Ian Surdhar Dr. Ian Surdhar:

Academic interests: POCUS, Transesophageal Echo and Regional Anaesthesia
Dr. Alkarim Velji Dr. Alkarim Velji:

Academic interests: Medical Education, Handover, and Communication Strategies
Dr. Thomas Winter Dr. Thomas Winter:

Academic interests: Trauma, International Medicine, Prehospital Handover and Communications Strategies


Dr. Patrick Boreskie Dr. Patrick Boreskie:

Academic interests: Low-resource medicine, Ultrasound
Dr. Ruchi Chhibba Dr. Ruchi Chhibba:

Dr. Matthew Kulas Dr. Matthew Kulas:

Dr. Robyn Rodger Dr. Robyn Rodger:

Academic interests: Wilderness Medicine, Disaster Medicine, POCUS, Critical Care


Dr. Jorden Arbour Dr. Jorden Arbour:

Academic interests: Marginalized populations in the ED, public health, critical care medicine
Dr. Holly Black Dr. Holly Black:

Dr. Nadia Marion Dr. Nadia Marion:

Academic interests: Pediatric Emergency Medicine
Dr. Samuel Saunders Dr. Samuel Sanders: 

Academic interests: Pre-hospital Medicine/EMS, Trauma Systems, Disaster Medicine


Dr. Stefan Cowtan Dr. Stefan Cowtan: 

Academic interests: Wilderness Medicine
Dr. John O'Leary Dr. John O'Leary:

Academic interests: Simulation Medicine
Dr. Darla Palmer Dr. Darla Palmer:

Academic interests: Pre-hospital Medicine
Dr. Rogers Dr. Peter Rogers:



Dr. Alireza Almaleki:




Dr. Kanisha Cruz-Kan:

Dr. Muzeen Ismath:

Dr. Janelle Quintana:


Dr. Chitbhanu Singh: