Undergraduate Program
Undergraduate Program | Med 3 Orientation | Med 3 Objectives

Program Contacts:

Director Dr. Teresa Wawrykow

Program Assistant

Joanna Crowther
S203 Medical Services Building
750 Bannatyne Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3E 0W2
Phone: 204 977-5667
Fax: 204 789-3515

ER Site Contact Info:

Health Sciences Centre

Anita Bourgeois

St. Boniface Hospital

Lesley Roy

Concordia General Hospital

Andrea Hrushka

Seven Oaks General Hospital

Linda Codville

Grace General Hospital Erva Ritson
Victoria Urgent Care Centre Dr. Carey Kuo


Preclerkship 1st & 2nd Year:


Clerkship 3rd Year:

The Emergency Medicine rotation is a four-week Core rotation.  It is part of a 12-week block with Internal Medicine CTU and Medicine Selective.  The EM rotation includes:

  • The first day of the rotation begins with an Orientation to the rotation. It is followed by Resus Day, a simulation based day for Intro to ACLS and the Emergency Approach to trauma.
  • Students will have 14-15 clinical shifts at one of six emergency departments in Winnipeg (Health Sciences Centre, St. Boniface Hospital, Seven Oaks Hospital, Concordia Hospital, Grace General Hospital and Victoria General Hospital).
  • The goal is to have the student with one primary preceptor for at least 50% of their shifts.
  • Students learn and function as part of the multidisciplinary ED team.
  • Students will have the opportunity to assess and learn to manage patients with common presentations to the ED as outlined in their ECP.  Students will also have the opportunity to assist and perform common procedures.
  • Students have the option of participating in an EMS (ambulance) ride along to gain prehospital experience.
  • Students will also participate in one ambulatory medicine clinic a week, comprising referrals made from the ED to provide ambulatory experience and continuity of care.
  • Every Thursday afternoon is protected time for student Academic half day.  Two hours are designated to UGME topics and two hours are designated to rotation-specific topics.  Half-day topics run for the entire 12 weeks.   

Emergency topics include:

  • Two-hour Procedural Skills Lab (with Internal Medicine) ECG sessions (with Internal Medicine)  
  • Shock
  • CNS Emergencies
  • Emergency Approach to Acute Abdominal Pain
  • Emergency Approach to Toxicology

Clerkship 4th Year:

  • Students may do electives in emergency medicine to further expand on clerkship objectives.
  • Electives must be a minimum of 2 weeks in length; specific sites may be requested.