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A major university-affiliated centre involved in patient care, teaching and research, St. Boniface General Hospital is the second largest hospital in Manitoba. It provides community outreach programs, ambulatory care programs and inpatient services through 554 beds and 78 nursing bassinets. The Hospital is affiliated with the University of Manitoba’s faculties of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, social work, physiotherapy, occupational therapy and other health-care disciplines.

As a tertiary care facility, the Hospital maintains a core of clinical activities to support its overall leadership, including: anaesthesia, diagnostic imaging, family practice, geriatric medicine, laboratory medicine, medicine, obstetrics and gynaecology, pathology, outpatient pediatrics, psychiatry, surgery. These are grouped under five major program areas: Emergency, Medicine, Surgery, Woman and Child and Mental Health.



Research Center

The St. Boniface General Hospital Research Centre is a free-standing medical research institute affiliated with St. Boniface General Hospital and the University of Manitoba. The $26 million Centre has been built with funds raised in the community and operates with a combination of peer reviewed research grants, industry contracts and fund raising.


The Centre has a mandate in three primary areas:

    * Basic and applied cardiovascular sciences.
    * Magnetic resonance imaging and spectroscopy.
    * Degenerative disorders associated with aging (senile dementias).

The Research Centre also houses a number of other research programs in nephrology, infectious diseases, sleep disorders, surgery, nursing, arthritis, epidemiology, pharmaceuticals and anesthesia.

The St. Boniface General Hospital Research Centre has gained a world-wide reputation for excellence in cutting-edge medical research.

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HeartCare Campaign

  St. Boniface Hospital & Research Foundation is nearing the $25 million goal set for our Heart Care Campaign. We have thus far raised more than $21-million dollars for the campaign. The HeartCare Campaign includes three key projects:

I.H. Asper Clinical Research Institute


The I.H. Asper Clinical Research Institute is set to officially open its doors this fall. Hosting some of the greatest minds in the areas of heart and vascular research, the new Clinical Research Institute will provide these individuals with the technology to take basic research discoveries and use them to give new and innovative treatments to Canadians suffering from heart and vascular disease.

The Expansion Of Heart & Vascular Service


Construction begins fall 2003. Two new floors will be added to the Y-Wing of St. Boniface General Hospital as part of the HeartCare campaign. This new treatment facility will offer patients greater access to the latest technology and procedures in heart and vascular care.

    * Congestive Heart Failure Program
    * Arrhythmia Program
    * New Heart & Vascular Surgical Suites
    * Two State- of-the-Art Cardiac Catheterization Labs
    * Echocardiography
    * EKG
    * Nuclear Medicine
    * General Cardiology Clinics
    * Pacemaker Clinic
    * Cardiology Ward

Partnership with Mayo Clinic


A strategic partnership between St. Boniface and the world-renowned Mayo Clinic is about to evolve. A partnership will give St. Boniface access to the Mayo Clinic's state-of-the-art clinical program in order to establish similar programs here in Canada, while the Mayo Clinic will benefit from St. Boniface's expertise in the field of basic scientific research. The partnership is the first of its kind between Mayo clinic and a Canadian health care facility and promises to establish St. Boniface as an international leader in heart and vascular research and patient care.