Ambulatory Care Service (SBGH)

The Ambulatory Care Service based at St. Boniface General Hospital is housed on the fourth floor of the McEwen Building. The services foremost aim is to help patients, recently discharged from the inpatient ward, reintegrate into the community. With this in mind there is an interdisciplinary team composed of social work, nursing, occupational therapy and psychiatrist working with patients. Generally, patients discharged from the inpatient ward requiring follow up are assigned a primary clinician who meets with them as soon as possible post discharge. The patient and the clinician then meet with the psychiatrist to complete the intake process. Over the ensuing months the patient is closely followed and monitored to ensure stabilization. Community resources are activated as required, so that the patients care is transferred to the family physician and the appropriate community caregiver. The duration of this process is variable, with the usual maximum duration of six months.

In addition to the above, the Ambulatory Care Service accepts referrals from the Emergency Psychiatrists at St. Boniface Hospital, other medical specialists at the hospital and family doctors. These referrals are triaged and patients deemed urgent are seen as quickly as possible, while patients deemed non urgent are informed of this, and urged to continue follow up with their family physician until they can be seen. Generally these patients are seen in consultation and not followed.

One resident is usually assigned to the service for six months as part of the PGY-2 year for general adult outpatients. The Ambulatory Care service also participates in the Chronic Care and elective choices for the residency program.



Dr. Kathy Gallagher
Medical Director

 Dr. Jane Moody
Consultation - Woman & Child Program, St. Boniface Hospital.

 Dr. K. O’Keeffe
Adult Psychiatry, St. Boniface Hospital

Dr. R. Hawe
Adult Psychiatry, St. Boniface Hospital

Dr. Suleiman Abdulrahman
Outpatient Adult Psychiatry, St. Boniface Hospital