Join the Lunch Bunch!

*Please note: All lunch bunch orders must be registered no later than Wednesday at 4 p.m. the week before your child’s program*

Sign up for the Lunch Bunch and we will provide your child with a nutritious convenient box lunch each day. Our lunches are now healthier than ever and will be delivered fresh each morning in Max Bell.

Lunch Bunch Menu Includes:

Regular Portion Includes:

Monday: Ham and Cheese Pita, Apple, Mini Bran Muffin and a Juice Box
Tuesday: Crispy Chicken Whole Wheat Wrap with Lettuce, Grapes, Blueberry Yogurt and a Juice Box
Wednesday: Assorted 6” Whole Wheat Sub, Orange-Mandarin slices, Banana Bread and a Juice Box
Thursday: Turkey on a Whole Wheat Bun, Melon Chunks, Cheese Portion and a Juice Box
Friday: Multi Grain 6” Pizza Sub, Fruit Salad, Veggies/Dip and a Juice Box

Large Portion Includes: All items listed above and adds:

Monday: Cheese Strings, Vanilla Pudding
Tuesday: Granola Bar, Apple
Wednesday: Cheese and Crackers, Chocolate Pudding
Thursday: Rice Crispy Square, Strawberry Yogurt
Friday: Oatmeal Cookie, Cheese Strings

Lunches are available Monday-Friday.
Regular lunch costs $39 per week ($30 for four-day week) and the large lunch costs $49 per week ($39 short week). Prices include tax.

Please note: We cannot guarantee that products have not come in contact with allergens so please do not use this program if your child has allergies.

The lunch will be delivered to your child during arrival time in Max Bell.

    Regular Large
1* July 2-5 $30* $39*
2 July 8-12 $39 $49
3 July 15-19 $39 $49
4 July 22-26 $39 $49
5 Jul 29-Aug 2 $39 $49
6* August 6-9 $30* $39*
7 August 12-16 $39 $49
8 August 19-23 $39 $49
9 August 26-30 $39 $49