2015 Spring Break Camp General Information


Mini U leaders are university students chosen for their maturity, leadership skills and ability to relate to children. Leaders work with faculty advisors, camp coordinators, and the director of Mini U Programs to benefit from this unique work-study program.

Lunch Hour

Children in all camps will spend the lunch hour under the supervision of an instructor. Please send a bag lunch with your child. Please do not send items that require a microwave.

Nut Policy

For safety reasons, please do not include nuts, peanut butter or pea butter in snacks or lunches as a growing number of children have life-threatening allergies to nuts. Due to the size and diversity of the university, there is no guarantee that peanuts and nut products will not be on or around the location of Mini U Children’s Camps. Thank you for your cooperation in making the environment as safe as possible.

Pre & Post Camp Arrival

All camps will meet in the Max Bell Centre, open 8:00 am until 5:00 pm for the convenience of working parents. We appreciate your every effort to pick up your child before 4:30 pm. Please note that although supervision is provided until 5:00 pm, there are no structured activities before 9:00 am or after 4:00 pm. An instructor will be present during these times. Please note: there is a fee for late pick-up after 5:00 pm.


Only individuals whose names are provided on the registration form will be allowed to pick-up the child. Only when written permission is provided in advance will other individuals be allowed to pick up the child. We require all adults to present photo ID and signature when picking up children from camp. This includes from 4:00pm to 5:00pm as well as any early dismissal arrangements.


Unless otherwise noted, all day programs include swimming. Please send swimsuits and towels on Tuesday and Thursday.  A minimum ratio of seven kids per one Mini U Leader is maintained in the swimming pool at all times. All children seven years and under MUST wear a life jacket, unless a note is sent by parents and swimming ability is approved by lifeguard. The “Group With” option on the registration form is not available for swimming lessons.


We want all children to have fun at Mini U. Unfortunately, some children's behaviour negatively impacts others. If a child is asked to leave camp, it will only be after we have contacted the child's parents and no money will be refunded.

Children's Fitness Tax Credit

In order for a camps fees to be eligible for the Canadian governments children's fitness tax credit they must meet the following criteria. They must provide five consecutive days of supervised programming where no less than half of the schedule is organized physical activity.

All sport programs are 100% eligible.

For more information, please see the Government of Canada Children's Fitness Tax Credit web site.