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Applied Research Centre

ARC Access Card Form
ARC – Equipment Loan form (handwritten version)
ARC – Equipment Loan form (electronic version)
ARC – Equipment Order form

Change in Equipment Status (webform)

This form should be completed when equipment is malfunctioning, damaged, broken or lost.

ARC Research Booking Form (MS Word Doc)

This form should be completed by the Principal Investigator during the planning phase of their research study.


Standard Operating Procedures


Equipment Manuals (PDFs)


Using QReserve (PDF)
A quick-start guide to using the optional online booking request system for the ARC. Users may send a booking request using their home computer or smartphone, or simply view availability for space.

ARC Guest Parking (PDF)
This is a handout you can send to study participants to help find the ARC and appropriate parking lots.

ARC Booking Flow Chart (PDF)
This document visualizes the process for requesting space and/or equipment in the ARC for researchers and other users