Neuromuscular Performance and Aging Laboratory
The laboratory was created in 1999 with funds from the Canada Foundation for Innovation, the Province of Manitoba, the University of Manitoba, and the Manitoba Health Research Council. The laboratory is (or will be) equipped with an isokinetic dynamometer, global positioning (GPS) system technology, a portable metabolic system, a gait trainer treadmill, EMG equipment, strength training equipment, and digital video technology. The primary focus of the laboratory is neuromuscular function and aging. Areas of research include:
  • Neuromuscular adaptations with aging
  • Strength training
  • Functional changes with aging and training
  • Driving and aging

For more information on the Neuromuscular Performance and Aging Laboratory please contact:

Michelle Porter, Ph.D.
Health, Leisure & Human Performance Research Institute
University of Manitoba
207A Max Bell Centre
(204) 474-8795

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