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I've Hired, Now What?
Letter of Offer

Employers are required to provide a letter of offer/employment contract to the co-op student once placements have been finalized and could include hiring details such as:

  • Start and end dates of term (start and end dates are negotiable between employer and student employee, the co-op work term is approximately four months in duration)

WINTER (January-April)

SUMMER (May-August)

FALL (September-December)

  • Hours of work (a co-op position must be full-time hours - minimum 35hrs + per week)
  • Remuneration (wages are set by the employer, if interested, reference Asper Co-op Student Salary Info)
  • To whom the student will report and check in instructions for the first day of work
  • Work site address
  • Parking or transportation details
  • Dress code
  • Information on confidentiality agreements or criminal record checks, if applicable

Creating a Successful Work Term

Assign your student a supervisor who is available to meet with and mentor them on a regular basis.


At the start of the work term, discuss expectations for the student's role, performance standards, communication, reporting structure and confidentiality. Provided you student with an orientation to your company's work environment and policies.


Recognize that some students may need extra attention the first few weeks on the job. For some, the Co-op work term is their first experience in a professional environment


Site Visit Meeting with a Co-op Coordinator

Approximately half-way through the term, a Co-op Coordinator will conduct a site visit meeting (if the work term is outside the Winnipeg area, a 'phone visit' will be scheduled). This is a three-way meeting between the student employee, the student’s supervisor and a Co-op Coordinator. The purpose is to ensure the student is meeting/exceeding performance expectations. The student is responsible for scheduling this meeting after determining their supervisor’s availability and communicating this with the co-op office.  

A supervisor should not wait for the site visit if there is an urgent matter to discuss.  Co-op Coordinators are available anytime by phone or email. 

Click here to the MS Word version of the Site Visit Employer Questionnaire

Employer Interview Questions

1. What are the student's main duties and responsibilities at your organization?


2. What strengths have you identified in this student?


3. Which areas if development could the student focus on?


4. What are some goals for the remainder of the work term?


5. In your experience, what are some key competencies required to be successful in your organization/industry?


6. Questions or comments?


Supervision & Evaluation

It is the employer's responsibility to provide ongoing feedback to the student regarding their performance and ability to meet expectations. In addition to the site visit, employers are asked to complete a short online performance evaluation form shortly before the end of the student’s work term.  After completing the evaluation, we recommend that supervisors discuss their evaluation with the student, as the feedback provides valuable insight for the student’s ongoing professional development.


Asper Co-op is an Academic Program

Co-operative education (co-op) is an experiential learning opportunity that allows students to alternate academic terms with work terms in business-related positions. Employers, students and the Asper School of Business all contribute to successfully providing the combination of theoretical and hands-on experience co-op students require to excel in their future careers.


The Asper Co-op Program is a tuition-based, academic program in which students receive a grade for the course and are required to submit written assignments marked by a Faculty Advisor.  Within a few weeks of the start of the work term, students will be required to determine their learning objectives and may ask their supervisor if the goals are reasonable and represent the duties of the position.


Questions? Contact a Co-op Coordinator!

Meredith Bara, (204) 474-6673

Holly Klann, (204) 474-8118