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Faces and Places
A Guide to Services 2003/2004
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I am pleased to welcome you to the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Manitoba. We will do our very best to provide you with a collegial and supportive place for you to advance your academic and professional lives as teachers, scientists and administrators.

Our commitments are to our students, our colleagues, our disciplines, and our community.
We have a particular social accountability to Manitobans which we address through the graduates of our programs, the implementation of the new knowledge that improves health, and the constructive reviews of provincial programs which a university has the capacity and mandate to provide.

The Faculty’s management offices are organized under the leadership of several associate and assistant deans and their support staff. With many years of experience, they are ready and able to guide you through federal and provincial legislation; University, Faculty and departmental policies; accreditations; grant applications; employment and equity guidelines; curriculum organization; supportive counseling services for students, faculty and families; and all of the administrative processes that are necessary to work efficiently in a complex system supporting science and education.

Many of these offices are moving to consolidate their activities. By November, the Dean’s administrative office and staff; the Undergraduate Program, the Postgraduate Program, Educational Development services and the Office of External Relations are moving from their present addresses to the second floor of the Brodie Building, next to the Neil John McLean Library. This will improve efficiencies and provide the staff with new, well-equipped facilities to better serve the Faculty.

This handout will help you find the information and assistance you need to do your job. We have maintained a paper publication for those who prefer to reach for a quick reference when looking for a name, phone number or room number.

The new faculty program includes the welcoming dinner for new full time faculty, along with workshops about teaching and research. I am grateful to the “welcoming committee,” under Mark Prober’s leadership, that makes these things happen.

I wish you a smooth transition for you and your family into this next step in your lives and invite you to let me know how you’re doing by stopping in for a coffee or dropping me an e-mail. Congratulations for choosing the University of Manitoba!

Brian Hennen, M.D., C.C.F.P.

Faces and Places is a production of The Department of External Affairs
(Bannatyne Campus)