Criminal Record Check/Child Abuse Registry

Following the initial submission of the Criminal Record/Child Abuse Registry Check, at any time prior to completing the program (regardless of admission date), student charged with or convicted of a criminal offence or listed on the Child Abuse Registry are required to report this information to the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs, Faculty of Nursing. Failure to report a criminal offence may result in dismissal from the program. Criminal offences will be reviewed by the Faculty of Nursing for the implications of the conviction in view of the professional mandate to protect the public. A listing on the Child Abuse Registry or failure to report the listing will result in dismissal from the program.

Students are advised that some clinical practice sites require that students complete a current or additional Criminal Record search and/or a Child Abuse Registry check prior to the first clinical practice day.

Criminal Record Search
An official adult Criminal Record Search can be obtained from the following: 

Winnipeg Applicants can obtain an application at the Bureau of Police Records, 4th floor of the Public Safety Building, 151 Princess Street, Winnipeg. Phone (204) 986-6073, or approximately 10 days for processing.

Out-of-Winnipeg/province applicants can apply through their home jurisdictions.

Child Abuse Registry Check
Any applicant on the Child Abuse Registry will be denied admission. 

An official Application for a Child Abuse Registry Check can be obtained from:

The Child Abuse Registry Unit, 201-114 Garry Street, Winnipeg, Manitoba R3C 4V5. 
Phone (204) 945-6967 or form.
Allow up to 6 weeks for processing.


  • International applicants will be required to obtain a criminal record check and child abuse registry listing from both the RCMP, and their home country.
  • For obtaining all official documents, two pieces of identification are required. Refer to the application procedure for the types of identification acceptable.
  • Students are responsible for the costs associated with obtaining all official documents.
  • Students are responsible for ensuring that the documents are submitted by the required deadline, or they will not be allowed to attend courses. 
  • Students should make and retain a copy of all documents before submitting to the Faculty of Nursing; students will not be given a copy of their documents at any time following submission to the Faculty of Nursing.