Term Work Grade Appeals

Term work is defined as work returned or made available to students before the last day of classes. The College of Nursing is responsible for the policies and procedures related to term work appeals.


At any or all levels of the appeal process, including the first (informal) level, students have the right to be accompanied by an individual who can assist them with the preparation for the appeal and accompany them to meetings and formal appeal hearings. The Student Advocacy Office is mandated to assist students who approach them for help. The link to their office is: umanitoba.ca/student/resource/student_advocacy/


Grounds for the Appeal


At every level of the term work appeal process, it is very important that the grounds for the appeal be clearly set out by the student. Resources posted by the Student Advocacy Office provide important and helpful information regarding acceptable and unacceptable grounds for the appeal. This link will direct you to this information: : umanitoba.ca/student/resource/student_advocacy/1784.html


There are several levels of appeal to which the student has access. These must be approached in order, and decisions at each level will be accompanied by information about the next level of appeal available to the student.

First level of Appeal: Informal

Students are expected to meet with the course leader as soon as possible after their grade is available. It is possible that the student’s concern can be resolved at this level.

Second Level of Appeal: Formal

If a resolution cannot be achieved at the course leader level, the second level of appeal is to the Associate Dean, Undergraduate Programs or his/her designate. Students have 10 working days after the term work is returned to them to submit a formal second level appeal. It is expected that during that 10 day period, the student will have completed the first level of appeal by meeting with the course leader.


The College’s policy and procedures are available in the following pdf document: Appeal of Term Work in Nursing 


Further information about term work appeals and a copy of the form that must be completed as part of this appeal level are available on the following websites:

Student Records: umanitoba.ca/student/records/grades/690.html

Student Advocacy Office: umanitoba.ca/student/resource/student_advocacy/1784.html

If there is any discrepancy between the procedures posted on these sites and the procedures set out in the College’s policy and procedures, the College’s procedures are to be followed.

Third Level of Appeal: Formal 

If the student believes that the Associate Dean or designate has erred in the assessment of the student’s appeal, the student may appeal to the College of Nursing Student Appeals Committee.


The Terms of Reference for the Committee are available in the following pdf document: Student Appeals Committee 


A document prepared by the Committee for students contemplating an appeal at this level is available in the following pdf document. It includes a form that must be completed by the student as part of the documentation required by the Committee: Guidelines for Students 

Fourth Level of Appeal: Formal

If the student believes that the College’s Student Appeals Committee has erred in the assessment of the student’s appeal, the student may appeal to the Senate Committee on Appeals. This is the final level of appeal at the University.


The policy governing the Senate Committee on Appeals is found at: umanitoba.ca/admin/governance/governing_documents/students/senate_committee_on_appeals_policy.html


The procedures followed by the Committee are found at: umanitoba.ca/admin/governance/governing_documents/students/senate_committee_on_appeals_procedures.html

Other information of interest to the student is posted on the right hand side of the web-page where the Committee’s procedures are set out, including the form to be completed by the student.


November 2014