Celebration of Excellence 2009

The Faculty of Science has a wealth of incredibly talented and dedicated people, staff and students, who contribute in many ways and on many stages. Over and over again, notices cross my desk that just make me say "Wow!" It might be a fabulous tenure case of a young faculty member, a major recognition of a team of senior people, the hugely successful First Nations Peguis Symposium for Aboriginal students, a great idea by one of our support staff, or an accomplishment of one of our students. It's all these things that make us great. We have incredible teachers, incredible researchers, and incredible students.

In 2007, we held our inaugural "Celebration of Excellence," where we recognized a few of our outstanding people and their contributions. The event was accompanied by the Dahl String Quartet, a tradition that has continued through to 2009. We were delighted that our Vice-President (Academic) and Provost, Dr. Joanne Keselman, joined us for lunch, and addressed the gathering. You will find the program, for this, and previous celebration events, on this web site.

At the 2009 celebration, we recognized two of our faculty who were awarded the title, Distinguished Professor: Michael Butler and John Page. The University of Manitoba confirs this honur on a limited number of academic staff members who have earned an outstanding reputation in teaching and research or creative scholarship. Up to three people receive this distinction each year, and not more than 20 professors may hold the title at one time. The Faculty of Science was honoured to have had two such award recipients in 2008.

I invite you to peruse the Celebration of Excellence programs, and join me in celebrating the excellence of all our staff and students.

Mark Whitmore,