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From Sirius through Orion and Taurus to the Pleiades



















In the past people believed the aurora was caused by the spirits of the dead.










Technical info:

Camera: Sony DSC-W1 digital camera
Lens: Wide angle adapter (equivalent to 28mm focal length in a 35mm camera)
ISO setting: 400
Aperture: f/2.8
Shutter speed 10 to 30 seconds depending on brightness and activity of aurora
White balance: Some experimentation here: Auto seemed to be best.
Processing: Applied Photoshop auto levels; resized to max 800 x 600 pixels; saved for Web.
Air temperature: -30 C. Wind chill -45 C.

A note on the colours: Aurora emits light at very specific wavelengths. Green is the most common followed by red and on rarer occasions a few other colours. The human eye has trouble seeing any colour at all in low light situations so most people see aurora as mainly white with maybe a little shading of green and sometimes a little red. Younger eyes are better at spotting colour than older eyes. Cameras work differently from eyes so they record the green, red and other colours that are hard for the eye to see - provided the camera shutter is left open long enough.

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