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Department News
MIMUniversity of Manitoba establishes an advanced material characterization facility in the Manitoba Institute for Materials
Student Awards
Congratulations to Ronald Domalaon (Schweizer Research Lab) for being awarded the Manitoba Health Research Council (MHRC) Graduate Studentship. This year, MHRC only awarded 36 recipients out of 186 applicants. He will start his Master’s degree in Medicinal Chemistry this upcoming Fall 2014, developing new antibacterial compounds to overcome clinically-observed drug-resistant bacteria. For further information, visit this link.
Kevin Szkop, an undergraduate student working with Dr. Mario Beringer, won the CIC Award for Educational Excellence at the 2014 WCUCC for his presentation entitled "Sol-Gel Synthesis and Structural Investigation of the YPrO3+y Series"


Congradulations to Geemitha Ratnayake a 9th Grader at Acadia Junior High School, woking with Dr. Gregg Tomy, won several awards at the MSSS. Awards included: Best Individual Chemistry Project at Intermediate Level, Analytical Science Award from Mid Canada Association of Analytical Chemistry, Canadian Institute of Food Science and Technology and a Gold Medal.