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Welcome to Geological Sciences

More than one hundred years old, the Department of Geological Sciences is western Canada's oldest geoscience department. The Department is located near the boundary between the metal-rich Precambrian Shield and the petroleum-producing Western Canada Sedimentary Basin. Recognized worldwide as one of Canada's top geoscience units, we are a dynamic and diverse group interested in a wide variety of research topics in the geological sciences. Our faculty have won numerous university, national and international honours in recognition of their research contributions, excellence in teaching, and commitment to the geoscientific community.

The Department offers balanced four-year undergraduate programs leading to a Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences, Geology (Honours and Major Program) or Geophysics (Honours and Major Program). These programs are structured to allow students to obtain professional registration and move into the minerals, energy or environmental industries. As a relatively small department we have developed a friendly informal atmosphere. It is easy to get to know the students and faculty, who are very approachable and always willing to provide assistance.


Department of Geological Sciences
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