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Microbeam Laboratories
(Rooms 421 to 423 Wallace Building)

The Microbeam Facility in Geological Sciences is set up as a Regional Facility to serve the needs of universities, industry and government institutions in Canada with a state-of-the-art electron microprobe and LAM-HR-ICP-mass spectrometer, and a scanning electron microscope and image analysis system, and includes the following equipment:

  • CAMECA SX100 electron microprobe with PGT EDS and 5 WDS spectrometers equipped with windows based operating system.
  • Thermo-Finnigan Element2 HR-ICP-MS with Merchantek LUV213 laser.
  • Zeiss-Kontron image analysis system (IAS) with high defi nition colour monitors and extensive software. Within the lab, the IAS is linked to all cameras, optical microscopes, SEM and electron microprobe.
  • Cambridge Stereoscan 120 Scanning Electron Microscope with back scattered electron detector, energy dispersive X-ray detector, and digital image store facility.
  • Technosyn cold cathode luminescence system.
  • Fluid inclusion stage.
  • Microbeam Laboratory Manager: Panseok Yang (

    Image Analysis and SEM Technician: Vacant

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