University of Manitoba

Sedimentology and Paleontology Laboratories
(Rooms 105, 360, 362, 401 and 402 Wallace Building)

The Sedimentology Laboratories in Geological Sciences and includes the following equipment:

  • Sedigraph and Brinkman PSA Laser 2010.
  • RoTap sieve shaker, drying ovens, muffle furnaces.
  • Nikon epi-fluorescence microscope.
  • Mettler analytical balances, pH-eH meters, carbonate analyzer, centrifuges, field water chemistry kits, conductivity meters, specific ion electrodes.
  • Galai Image Analysis system with colour and monochrome monitors, videocamera, digitizing tablet and statistical and GIS software.
  • Livingston piston sediment coring system.
  • Acker sediment sampling system, tripod derrick, motorized cathead hoist, drive weight, split tube sampler, sold tube sampler, and connecting rods.
  • Vibracoring sediment sampling system for coring lakes; 30m of Shelby tubes for motorized coring.
  • Hard copy and microfilm library of petroleum well logs from Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and part of British Columbia.
  • Extensive core and drill cuttings sample collections.
  • The Invertebrate Paleontology Laboratory has a full complement of equipment necessary for detailed research.

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