Back to Alkaline RocksNext photoThe Khibiny Mts in the Russian Arctic are one of the most prolific mineral localities in the world and the largest known intrusion of alkaline rocks (~ 1,300 km2). Following the discovery of Khibiny rocks by Captain Shirokshin's expedition and their re-discovery by Ramsay and his exploration party in the late 1800s, several large apatite deposits and a great many new rock types and minerals have been recognized at Khibiny by the Soviet and Russian geologists. Shown here are (left to right): Anatoly Zaitsev (Khibiny carbonatite guru), Viktor Yakovenchuk, Gregory Ivanyuk and Yakov Pakhomovsky, who published several books on the minerals and other natural wonders of Khibiny, as well as on the history of mineral exploration and mining in that region.
Khibiny, Kola (Russia)Khibiny, Kola (Russia)