Geological Association of Canada Graduate Seminar Prize

The Geological Association of Canada, Winnipeg Section offers a prize to encourage graduate students in the preparation and presentation of scientific research and to aid in the attendance of students at the annual meeting of the Geological Association of Canada/Mineralogical Association of Canada. This prize is presented to the graduate student in the Dept of Geological Sciences at the University of Manitoba who is adjudged to have presented the best graduate seminar and also presents a paper at the annual GAC-MAC meeting. It is adjudiated by the Department of Geological Sciecnes.

2007 Not awarded
2006 Aaron Lussier
2005 Daniel Karansinski and Beverly Mack

Raegan Porter

2003 Not awarded
2002 Reginald Ejeckam
2001 Naomi Wiebe
2000 David Leverington
1999 Christine McCracken
1998 John Ristau
1997 Michelle Boulet
1996 Dave Teerstra
1995 Kyla Arden
1990 Anthony Cortis
1989 Peter Burns