Student Access to View Final Exams in the Faculty of Science

If you are taking a Science course and are considering appealing your final grade, you may view your final exam to help you with your appeal decision.

  • Each Science department has developed its own application form and process for final exam viewing. Application forms are available from the department offices.
  • Application dates and deadlines, viewing dates and regulations will vary from department to department.
  • These regulations apply only to Faculty of Science courses, not to courses offered by other faculties or units.
  • For students who wish to view their final examinations solely for educational purposes, (to gain a better understanding of the subject material based on examination question results), applications may be submitted after the appeal deadline.

Departments in the Faculty of Science

Department Location & Telephone Application Form
Biological Sciences

212B Biological Sciences Building
(204) 474-9245

See Department
Chemistry 300 Parker Building
(204) 474-9321
Department form
Computer Science E2-445 Engineering Information and Technology Complex
(204) 474-8313
See Department
Mathematics 420 Machray Hall
(204) 474-8703
See Department
Microbiology 418 Buller Building
(204) 474-9372
See Department
Physics & Astronomy 301 Allen Building
(204) 474-9817
See Department
Statistics 318 Machray Hall
(204) 474-9826
See Department

For information on the appeal of final grades, check the following link:

Appeal of Final Grades