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October 2003 Workshop

Fig. 1.
Fluorescent immunohistochemistry with anti-histone H3P (Upstate Cell Signaling) on Pro-B lymphocytes; image acquired using DAPI-FITC filter.

Fig. 2.
Fluorecent in situ hybridization using mouse chromosome 11 paint (Cy3) from CedarLane/Cambio. The cells used are mouse pro-B cells with near tetraploid chromosome constitution.


1. The participants of the workshop “Principles of Microscopy and Imaging”, October 2003.


2. Lecture by Robert Parsons (Zeiss).


3. Training on live cell imaging with Hal Arthurs (Zeiss).


4. Bench work – preparation for fluorescent in situ hybridization (FISH) and imaging.


5. Lecture on FISH and related technologies by Dr. Ulrich Klingbeil (MetaSystems Group Inc.).


6. The group listens to lectures in the Dr. Arnold Greenberg Lecture Hall at the Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology.


7. The training also offers career orientation to high school students. Sourabh Maiti, a Senior III student at Vincent Massey Collegiate acquires images.


8. At the end of each workshop there is a written test; the participants are writing their final exam.


9. Workshop dinner at the end of the workshop.

Funny Comments

"How does it feel to be a biologist?"

"Bennie, the bee..."

Career goal: astronaut. ©2002