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April 2004 Workshop

April 2004 Group
The April 2004 Workshop Participants

Workshop Images

Fig. 1. Two-(2D) dimensional and three-(3D) dimensional images of mouse MOPC lymphocytes

a) 2D image of a nucleus with Cy3 stained telomeres and DAPI stained chromosomes.

b) Corresponding 3D image indicating telomere arrangement within the nucleus .

Fig. 2. Q-FISH of PreB mouse chromosomes.

Fig. 3. M-FISH on MOPC mouse lymphocytes.

a) Metaphase view.

b) Corresponding karyotype.

Fig. 4. Spectral karyotyping of MOPC mouse lymphocytes.

a) spectral image of metaphase chromosomes

b) pseudo color image of metaphase chromosomes

c) mouse banded image

d) Corresponding karyotype.

People at the Workshop

Dr. Peter Jansson

Frank Somogy (Carl Zeiss Ltd.), Dr. Sabine Mai and Dr. Peter Jansson

CIHR participants at Dr. Jansson's lecture

Dr. Uli Klingbeil

Imaging at the Genomic Centre

Workshop participants performing M-FISH

Q-FISH day

Dr. Uli Klingbeil

Q-FISH analysis using Teloquant software

Image analysis in the Genomic Centre

Dr. Yuval Garini

Dr. Jeremy Squire

Dr. Yuval Garini, Dr. Jeremy Squire, Dr. Sabine Mai and Dr. Geoff Hicks

Functional Genomics

Dr. Siong-yan Liu and CIHR participants

Dr. Valia Lestou, Dr. Sabine Mai, Dr. Katya Pestova and Dr. Timothy Stenzel

Dr. Eric Leblond

Dr. Kimberly Woller

Frank Fischinger (Vysis) demonstrates Microarray analysis

Farewell dinner for the participants

Evi and Silvia present Dr. Sabine Mai with a parting gift

Dr. Sabine Mai gives a speech at the farewell dinner.

Funny Comments

The test at the end of the course brings amazing answers: "The
resolution of M-FISH is 100 cm......."

And the tests are more interesting if they are written in Swedish….and also this one, the test in Swedish, was the best test!

After a long silence, we finally learned that the chicken made it to Stockholm !

Bart landed in Fargo ...

Next workshop's menu will include Bart's special recipe, “Boerenkool met worst”, and Bart will cook for us.

Can we order warm weather?

Can we make sure hotel guests get the correct keys to their rooms?
For more details, contact one of our mentors who had a very
unpleasant experience with the incorrect keys and the wrong room ...

Eating out in the evenings allows participants from all over the
world to get to know each other even better.  "Are you a Viking?"

Also, everyone learns about the work load that some participants have
to cope with in their home labs. 200 BACs mapped in 6 months! Woww!


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