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Workshop People

September 2004 Workshop

April 2004 Group
CIHR workshop participants Sept 20 th to 26 th 2004

Workshop Images

a) Fluorescent immunohistochemistry on PreB cells stained with anti-MAX antibody

b) Fluorescent in situ Hybridization (FISH) on a RAJI metaphase using the LSI
Myc dual color, break apart rearrangement probe (Vysis) to detect a Myc break
point translocation between chromosomes 8 and 14. The yellow dot is located at
normal chromosome 14, the translocated chromosomes carry a green dot (chr. 14)
and a red dot (chr. 8).

c) FISH on a RAJI interphase cell using the LSI DNA probe (Vysis)

d) FISH on a Jurkat interphase cell using the LSI DNA probe (Vysis) This cell line does not carry the translocation.

FISH images using the LSI probe and the Automated Scanning MetaSystems

People at the Workshop

Dr. Sabine Mai welcomes the participants

Frank Somogy from Carl Zeiss

Dr. Régen Drouin from Sherbrooke University ( Quebec )

Miltenyi Biotec Inc (Germany)

Chris Souwand from Carl Zeiss

Darryl Dyck from Carl Zeiss

Dr. Ulrich Klingbeil from MetaSystems Group Inc.

Hal Arthurs from Carl Zeiss

Frank Somogy teaching brightfield microscopy

In the lab

Bench work

Imaging in the Genomic Centre on the Scanning MetaSystems with Dr. Klingbeil

Live Cell imaging with Chris Souwand from Zeiss

At the Deconvolution system with Hal Arthurs from Zeiss

Journal Club

Farewell Dinner

Farewell Dinner

Dr. Mai's final remarks


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