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The international training program provides enrichment opportunities for students in basic molecular biology as well as novel technologies including imaging and diagnotics. The mentoring and lab based research program allows students to develop a knowledge of the wide variety of careers related to science and technology, practice teamwork and collaboration at the research level and to develop a proficiency in science that will create opportunities for them to pursue progressively higher levels of studies.

The training program allowed students from three Pembina Trails School Division to travel to Aachen Germany in November of 2003 for a two week training program. In April 2004 the students from Gymnasium Herzogenrath traveled to Winnipeg where they engaged in a two week research program with their Canadian counterparts. Overall the students from both Germany and Manitoba had the opportunity to be engaged in upwards of 15 days of enrichment activites in research labs and facilities during the course of the school year.

In addition in 2006 similar exchange took place this time with the Australia Science and Mathematics School (ASMS), Flinders University, Adelaide, Australia.
Students from Pembina Trial School Division visited Australia in June 2006, later on in September 2006, students from ASMS visited their counterparts in Winnipeg.
The students engage in many activities, including performing Fluorescent In Situ Hybridization technique (FISH) on mouse-cells samples and imaging the preparations on the following day at the Genomic Centre for Cancer Research and Diagnosis (GCCRD), Dr. Sabine Mai’s lab, at the Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology.
They also participated in other activities at the Department of Chemistry, with Dr. Kathleen Gough, University of Manitoba and other mentor in the Training Program, the National Microbiology Laboratory (NML), the National Research Counseling (NRC), the Faculty of Agronomy (University of Manitoba), among others.

Schools involved in the April 2004 program

Fort Richmond Collegiate - 5 students

Shaftsbury High School - 2 students

Vincent Massey Collegiate - 2 students

Stadtisches Gymnasium Herzogenrath - 8 students

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2006 program

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