Innovative Technologies In Multidisciplinary Health Research Training


We are glad to announce our next workshops in November. The first workshop is on "Microscopy, Optics and Imaging" (Beginner level workshop).  It will take place in Winnipeg (Manitoba) from November 13-17, 2017

The second workshop is on "3D and Spectral Imaging" (Intermediate level workshop). It will take place in Winnipeg (Manitoba) from November 20-24, 2017

Our Vision:

To develop a multidisciplinary training program in health research with a focus on emerging innovative technologies.

The ITMHRT program will be multinational, multidisciplinary (encompasses 13 training topics) and industry-involved. Strong basic and clinical science coupled with enthusiasm and creativity will nurture the development of researchers and clinicians who will bring about new discoveries and innovation in health research.

Excellence In Three Areas:

The proposed Training Program promotes excellence in three areas: (1) novel cutting edge molecular imaging and analysis technologies and the development thereof, (2) whole genome analyses through microarray technology, and (3) functional genomics.

Trainees completing this integrated approach will have the skill sets to impact on many diverse fields, such as advanced molecular imaging, cancer, genetics, patient-based research, neurodegenerative disease, genomics, apoptosis, signal transduction, intracellular investigations, and development of new technologies and treatments.

Three Programs For Research & Training

The ITMHRT program enables interested candidates to participate at three different levels. All training opportunities offer varying degrees of supportive funding, dependent on the candidate's qualification and need.

1. Intensive workshops 1-2 week workshops, held periodically throughout the year.

Candidates interested in the Intensive training workshops can find information on upcoming workshops as well as application guidelines at

2. Short-term program. Graduate and Post-doctoral training opportunities with ITMHRT mentors.

3. Long-term program. Graduate and Post-doctoral training opportunities with ITMHRT mentors.

Those interested in short or long-term training collaborations are asked to examine the list of mentors associated with ITMHRT and apply to the program with a specific mentor in mind.

1. Information about Short and Long-term training


3. Applications for Short and Long-term training

15th Anniversary Celebration

On June 13, 2014, the GCCRD celebrated its' 15th anniversary with an all-day symposium with international guest speakers discussing imaging technologies, advancements in cellular imaging and diagnostics. To see photos from this event, please click here. ©2002-2003