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Once you arrive in Winnipeg, take a taxi to the hotel: HOLIDAY INN- HOTEL & SUITES, located at 360 Colony Street.

If you have any problem, please contact Ashley Sitarz:

Telephone 204-787-4983

Please bring with you a printed copy of this information. Have a safe flight and we hope to see you at CANCERCARE Building, on Monday,April 5th, 8.00am.

CANCERCARE address: 675 Mc Dermot Avenue.A Winnipeg, Manitoba.


All of our guests from abroad can visit the following website for the telephone number and address of the hotel I have rooms reserved in. All of the rooms are double occupancy and I have paired you off in a suitable manner.

The website is

International Travellers:

Bring your own private funds for taxi and bus fares for the week that you are here (approximately $60.00 Canadian). Save all receipts and mail them back to us when you return home. We will reimburse your taxi to and from the Winnipeg airport and busfare while you are attending the workshop.

Our Mailing Address & Contact Information:

Ashley Sitarz

ON5008-675 McDermot Ave.

Winnipeg, Manitoba

R3E 0V9

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