Recent Graduates and Theses
For the Period: October - May 2006


Graduate: DRIEDGER, C. Jane
Thesis Title: A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Blueberry: Learning Journeys of the Whitefeather Forest, Pikangikum First Nation, Ontario [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Iain Davidson-Hunt

Graduate: GRANT, Sandra - Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Managing Small-Scale Fisheries in the Caribbean: The Surface Longline Fishery in Gouyave, Grenada [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Fikret Berkes

Graduate: KUMAR, Prateep
Thesis Title: Politics of Co-optation: Self-organized Community Forest Management and Joint Forest Management in Orissa, India [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Fikret Berkes

Graduate: SENYK, Jason
Thesis Title: Concurrent Conservation and Development: Lessons Learned from a Community-Based Case in Thailand [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Fikret Berkes

MAY, 2006

Graduate: BILL, Laren
Thesis Title: Traditional Land-Use and Occupancy Study of Cahcakiwsakahikan (Pelican Lake) First Nation: A Woodland Cree Community in Northern Saskatchewan [pdf]
Advisor: Prof. Thomas Henley

Graduate: FERNANDES, Damian
Thesis Title: "More Eyes Watching..." Lessons from the Community-Based Management of a Giant Fish, Arapaima gigas, in Central Guyana [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Fikret Berkes

Graduate: HAY, Stacey
Thesis Title: Distribution and Habitat of the Least Bittern and Other Marsh Bird Species in Southern Manitoba [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Micheline Manseau

Graduate: HAYWARD, Graeme
Thesis Title: Exploring the Links Between Individual and Social Learning in the Red River Floodway Enviornmental Assessment [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Alan Diduck 

Graduate: MAURICE, Stephane
Thesis Title: Self-Organization and Cross-Scale Interactions in Integrated Development and Conservation Projects: A Comparative Study of Honey Care Africa's Beekeeping Projects in Kakamega District and Kwale District, Kenya [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. John Sinclair
Co-Advisor: Dr.  James Gardner

Graduate: MEDEIROS, Dean
Thesis Title: Poverty Alleviation and Biodiversity Conservation in Rural Brazil: A Case Study of the Cananéia Oyster Producers Cooperative [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Emdad Haque

Graduate: PARLEE, Brenda - Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Dealing with Ecological Variability and Change: Perspectives from the Denesoline and Gwich'in of Northern Canada [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Fikret Berkes 

Graduate: RANGA, Manjunatha
Thesis Title: Transformation of Coastal Wetland Agriculture and Livelihoods in Kerala, India [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Fikret Berkes

Graduate: SAWATZKY, Harvey
Thesis Title: Partnership and Communication in Resource Management: A Study of the Canadian Model Forest Network [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. John Sinclair