Recent Graduates and Theses
For the Period: October - May 2010


Graduate: CARD, Katherine
Thesis Title: Assessing Stakeholder Interests: A Strategy for Best Management Practices of Free-Roaming Horses, Chilcotin, British Columbia [pdf]
Advisor: Prof. Thomas Henley

Graduate: DIDORA, Christin
Thesis Title: Best Practices for Completing the Comparative Analysis for a Cultural Landscape such as the proposed Pimachiowin Aki World Heritage Nomination [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Iain Davidson-Hunt

Graduate: DUGGIRALA, Bhanu
Thesis Title: Analyzing Sustainable Energy Opportunities for a Small Scale Off-Grid Facility: A Case Study at Experimental Lakes Area (ELA), Ontario [pdf]
Advisor: Dr.Shirley Thompson

Graduate: HETTINGA, Peter
Thesis Title: Use of Fecal DNA to Estimate Population Demographics of the Boreal and Southern Mountain Ecotypes of Woodland Caribou [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Micheline Manseau

Graduate: HUGHSON, Paula
Thesis Title: Our Homeland for the Past, Present and Future: Akulliqpaaq Qamaniq (Aberdeen Lake) and Qamaniq Tugliqpaaq (Schultz Lake) Landscapes Described by Elder John Killulark [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Micheline Manseau

Graduate: KUMNERDPET, Wachiraporn - Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Community Learning and Empowerment Through Participatory Irrigation Management: Case Studies from Thailand [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. John Sinclair

Graduate: MACLEAN, Joy
Thesis Title: Fathoming Lake Winnipeg: The Role of Commerical Fishers and their Local Knowledge in Decision-making [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. John Sinclair

Graduate: MOZEL, Kristin
Thesis Title: Habitat Selection by Songbirds in Manitoba's Tall-grass Prairie: A Multi-scale Analysis [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Nicola Koper

Graduate: RANELLUCCI, Christina
Thesis Title: Effects of Twice-Over Rotation Grazing on the Relative Abundances of Grassland Birds in the Mixed-Grass Prairie Region of Southwestern Manitoba [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Nicola Koper

Graduate: SELINGER, Allison
Thesis Title: Effects of Cattle Grazing on the Food Abundance of Prairie Bird Species in Grasslands National Park, Saskatchewan [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Nicola Koper

Graduate: TA, Huong - Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Resource Access and Livelihood Resilience in Tam Giang Lagoon, Vietnam [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Fikret Berkes

Graduate: TURNER, Katherine
Thesis Title: Community Perspectives on Bioeconomic Development Eco-Cultural Tourism in Hartley Bay, British Columbia [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Fikret Berkes

Graduate: ZURBA, Melanie
Thesis Title: How Well is Co-management Working? Perspectives, Partnership and Power Sharing Along the way to an Indigenous Protected Area on Girringun Country [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Fikret Berkes

MAY, 2010

Graduate: BLAKNEY, Sherrie Lee - - Ph.D
Thesis Title: Connections to the Land: The Politics of Health and Wellbeing in Arviat Nunavut [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Helen Fast
Co-Advisor: Dr. Peter Kulchyski

Graduate: DEB, Apurba - Ph.D.
Thesis Title: 'Voices of the Fishantry': Learning on the Livelihood Dynamics from Bangladesh [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. John Sinclair

Graduate: HENLEY, Heather
Thesis Title: Land and Language: Exploring the Uses of The Ktunaxa Nation Network in British Columbia, Canada [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. John Sinclair

Graduate: MARIN RICKE, Andres
Thesis Title: Networks and Co-management in Small-scale Fisheries in Chile [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Fikret Berkes

Graduate: MILLER, Andrew - Ph.D.
Thesis Title: Living with Boreal Forest Fires: Anishinaabe Perspectives on Disturbance and Collaborative Forestry Planning, Pikangikum First Nation, Northwestern Ontario [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Iain Davidson-Hunt
Co-Advisor: Dr. Micheline Manseau

Graduate: ODUNUGA, Kehinde
Thesis Title: Analysis of Domestic Water Use for Commerical Activities Among the Poor in Alajo and Sabon Zongo Communities of Accra, Ghana[pdf]
Advisor: Prof. Thomas Henley

Graduate: OMOM, Sheila
Thesis Title: HIV/AIDS and Artisanal Fisheries Nexus: A Case Study of Lake Victoria Kenya[pdf]
Advisor: Dr. John Sinclair

Graduate: PEARCE, Kent
Thesis Title: Living with Climate Change: How Prairie Farmers Deal with Increasing Weather Variability [pdf]
Advisor: Dr. Fikret Berkes
Co-Advisor: Dr. Henry Venema

Graduate: WILSON, Brenda
Thesis Title: Economic Diversification and Prospects for Sustainable Rural Livelihoods in a Dryland Agrarian Village: A Case Study in Bijapur District Karnataka, India [pdf]
Advisor: Prof. Thomas Henley